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Ten Years On: The 13/14 Season Special (Part One)

Ten Years On: The 13/14 Season Special (Part One)

Pods don't come more special than this one. And teams don't come more special than United's legendary 2013/14 promotion-winning team. To celebrate a whole decade since Delano day, "Are you not entertained?", "Donaldson with a curler" and 10 minutes of stoppage time that felt like an hour, we've put together a two-part special looking back at that season month-by-month.

Alongside Julian, Jack, Tom and Jordan reminiscing on their memories of that year, we had the pleasure of speaking to key members of that team that finally took the U's back into the football league after an agonising 9 year absence. Episode One starts in the summer and looks at how Money and Jez built the team and prepared it for the first half of the season, including the 16-game unbeaten start and two cup runs, one of which would end in glory.

Thanks very much to Richard Money, Tom Champion, Kwesi Appiah, Josh Coulson, Delano Sam-Yorke, Harrison Dunk and Doug Shulman for their time and contributions. To help clarify the speaking voices, the first time each person speaks is listed below:

Josh Coulson: 12:22
Richard Money: 16:32
Tom Champion: 20:08
Doug Shulman: 25:34
Kwesi Appiah: 39:59
Delano Sam Yorke: 52:22
Harrison Dunk: 55:43

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